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PPI - Payment Protection Insurance

PPI misselling is probably the best known example of financial misselling, around 34 million PPI policies having been between 2001 and 2010.

Banks and financial institutions have set aside close to £20billion to cover the cost of mis sold PPI claims and there is even speculation that lenders have been short changing PPI clients and even hiding PPI policies. It is estimated only 50% of missold PPI has been repaid with many people still not realising they had taken a policy out.

Our PPI team is dedicated to helping customers reclaim missold PPI by their lender or mortgage broker.

We have assisted our clients recover missold PPI when taking out loans, mortgages, car finance and credit/store cards.

We will pay for a Subject Access Request (SAR). This allows us to check all your financial agreements for any outstanding PPI as well as investigate any other financial products which may have been missold, such as packaged bank accounts.

We work on a no win no fee basis so it costs nothing to see if you have a claim. If we are successful our fees will be 25% plus VAT (unlike many of our competitors whom charge 33-40%) of each sum proposed by the PPI Company to settle each claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance.

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